Last Fall we had the opportunity to go Elk hunting as a family and help Olivia get an awesome bull. It’s always fun guiding hunters, but it’s even more exciting when the whole family gets out on an adventure. Olivia’s tag was for a bull only unit in the coastal range of southern Oregon. We loaded up the trailer with three adults and two kids and headed out for our adventure. 

At the time, our oldest boy was 4 and our youngest was 5 mos. We weren’t sure how it would go, but we made it work! On opening morning I took the boys in our side by side to go scouting and my dad and Olivia hiked in to a spot to glass and see if they could spot a herd. It was a tough morning for spotting because everywhere we looked was covered in fog. It’s always disheartening to go in somewhere then not be able to see. As luck would have it though, the fog started burning off by late morning and dad and Olivia started catching glimpses of elk through the timber. While they patiently waited to see if the elk would cross the timber line into the field–I was with the boys thinking we still needed to spot a herd. Instead of seeing elk cross the timber line, dad and Olivia saw me and the boys head right towards the herd. 

Thankfully the elk didn’t bust out of their spot, but after watching the elk all morning dad and Olivia decided to back out for a few hours and hike back in for the evening. We all met back at camp and got organized for an evening hunt. After 3 hours, dad and Olivia hiked back in to find the elk along the timber line again. They watched cows crossing one after the other into the clear cut to feed, but the bulls were hung up in the trees. After hearing bulls bugling all evening, Olivia finally had her opportunity. Just minutes before dark a nice bull stepped out into view and provided a 327 yard shot. Olivia is a great shot and got her bull!

Dad and Olivia went in and quartered out the bull in the dark, then we hiked back in the next morning for a big pack out. This trip was such an adventure with the family. A little crazy at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! The kids got to see their mom take a great bull and were a part of the entire process. We look forward to these kinds of trips every year and can’t wait to see what this fall brings.