Our Oregon elk hunting trips for cows take place on a 4,000 acre ranch where the Rocky Mountain Elk gather. This special 3-4 day hunt is available December to March and the tag is guaranteed. We provide a 5 bedroom house with all the amenities needed, including a full kitchen and Traeger to cook in. You can expect to put some miles on your boots during this hunt so being in "hiking" shape is ideal. Reservations for these hunts are time sensitive. Please inquire for bookings and additional information.



Thorp Outdoors offers experienced guiding opportunities to any resident or nonresident hunter with an Oregon draw tag for public land. This service includes various statewide units, rifle tags, bow tags, or muzzleloader tags. We also love guiding hunts for spring and fall bears. These tags are purchased over the counter. Taylor Thorp was born and raised hunting all over Oregon and is highly experienced in its terrain and wildlife. Please inquire to our team about specifics. We look forward to hearing from you!


This hunt involves lots of time spent behind optics and driving around until we find the right buck to target. There will be some big timber patches that we will hunt on foot. Lots of scouting involved and most likely the ideal buck will be spotted before you (the hunter!) get there. Our method of hunting will also be dependent on weather. We hunt the biggest blacktail units in the state and do our best to shoot mature four point bucks. Public and private ground are used.

Applegate Unit Blacktail - Muzzleloader

This unit can take several points to draw and is one of the most desired hunts in the state. Hunters in this unit are typically looking for true trophy Blacktail. The weather is unpredictable during the season but bucks are heavily into the rut. Sometimes there is snow to help track. Some of the biggest blacktails in the world are taken in this unit; we are shooting for bucks from the 135 to 150 range. This unit is one we specialize in and we would love to take you on a trophy hunting adventure.

Roosevelt Elk - call for pricing

Our Oregon elk hunting adventures take place in most units of southwest Oregon on both public land and private land leases when available. Roosevelt elk hunts are draw tags in certain units and depend on points. We also have access to a few private land tags. These tags become available some years, please inquire if interested. Roosevelt Elk hunts typically take place in big, brushy, steep country and require time spent glassing and scouting. It is best if you are in hiking shape for these hunts, but not required. Roosevelt bulls are heavier in horns and weight than rocky mountain bulls.

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