Kenai River Fishing 2020

Guiding the Kenai River in Alaska is one of our favorite seasons of the year. We get to spend long days on the water hooking huge salmon, with fishermen who are having a great time. With how tumultuous this spring has been, we thought we might be forced to miss the season all together. There is good news though! We can still start fishing and guiding in May. As long as we take the required COVID-19 precautions (we promise we will), fishing can proceed as planned. 

When we started planning flights for summer 2020, we made a great discovery. Flights to Alaska are available at staggeringly low prices. We found some up to 50% off! This is such exciting news if you’ve always wanted to fish Alaska but couldn’t swing the price of travel. So many of our friends and family are finally going to experience a guided King salmon fishing trip for the first time We can’t wait!

Alaska Kenai River Fishing Trips
Alaska Kenai River Fishing Trips
Alaska Kenai River Fishing Adventure

If salmon fishing isn’t your thing, there are many other options for adventure too. The Kenai Peninsula has so much to offer. From hiking on a glacier to flying out for a bear watching trip, there is an activity for everyone in the family. When our extended family goes, everyone has different adventures they want to go on. Often we’ll spend the morning salmon fishing then head out for a long hike to see wildlife. Other days we’ll go on a big trip. Last year we spent one day on a chartered halibut fishing trip and saw groups of otters floating along with their babies, so cute! Thorp Outdoors welcomes your whole family when you visit Alaska–we will make sure all who come have a great time.

There is no vacation in the world like an Alaskan vacation. it’s our favorite time of year and we want you to experience it too! Check out our Kenai River Salmon Fishing page for more info on a guided fishing trip and our Explore Alaska page for other adventure options. Please also give us a call with any questions or for help planning your trip. See you in Alaska!

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